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Import Issues In to Wave's Jira Project



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      We are migrating form Google Code's issue tracker to Apache's Jira. I have exported the issues from Google Code in to a CSV. I am uncertain if the CSV file is in an acceptable format. If not I can adjust it to fit the needs of the Jira import process.

      The CSV file is located here:


      The columns in the CSV are as follows:

      - Id: The original wave issue id (this can be largely ignored).
      - Summary: The summary of the issue.
      - Issue Type: The issue typed mapped to the Jira Values (Bug, Improvement, etc)
      - Priority: The issue priority mapped to the Jira Values (Critical, Major, Minor, Trivial, etc)
      - Status: The issues open / closed status.
      - Resolution: If closed, the resolution status mapped to the Jira Values (Fixed, Invalid, Duplicate, etc)
      - Description: The description of the issue. A link to the original Google Code issue was appended here.
      - Comment Body: All of the original comments on the Google Code issue are in this column as a single value.

      In regards to the comments, the Jira documentation states that you can append multiple comment columns. We chose to consolidate all of the original columns into a single field. We would like this to be added as a single comment to the newly created Jira issue.

      If there are any problems with this request or the format of the CSV file, please let me know so I can take care of the problem. Thanks.




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