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Create new TLP Click



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      The board has agreed to create the Click project.

      To aid in the process, would the Infrastructure team please do the following:


      [0] Root Tasks

      Create unix group "click"

      Create new DNS entry "click.apache.org" and configure into website
      server instance


      [1] Mailing List (i) addresses

      Please migrate the existing archives, subscribers to the following lists:

       user@click.apache.org from click-user@incubator.apache.org
       dev@click.apache.org from click-dev@incubator.apache.org
       private@click.apache.org from click-private@incubator.apache.org
       commits@click.apache.org from click-commits@incubator.apache.org

      Please set sabob and medgar as moderators of the lists.

      Initial mailing list :

      (iii) archives: please provide for merged archives for:
      click-user@incubator.apache.org merged with user@click;
      click-dev@incubator merged with dev@click;
      click-commits@incubator merged with commits@click; and
      click-private@incubator merged with private@click.
       1. http://click.apache.org/mail/click/user/YYYYMM.gz
       2. http://click.apache.org/mail/click/dev/YYYYMM.gz
       3. http://click.apache.org/mail/click/commits/YYYYMM.gz
       4. private@click to be archived in the private area.

      (iv) options

      I. Reply-To: Header [X] yes [ ] no
         NOTE: $PROJECT-commits@$TLP.apache.org -> $PROJECT-dev@$TLP.apache.org
      II. Message Trailer [ ] yes [X] no


      [2] Source Tracker

      (i) Subversion

      Move the existing incubator/click tree to TLP


      [3] Initial Committer/PMC list

              * Adrian Antal <aadrian>
              * Andrus Adamchik <aadamchik>
              * Bob Schellink <sabob>
              * Henning Schmiedehausen <henning>
              * Malcolm Edgar <medgar>
              * Naoki Takezoe <takezoe>
              * Ted Husted <husted>
              * Will Glass-Husain <wglass>

      And please add them to the new "click" unix group


      [4] cwiki

      The cwiki does not need to be moved.


      [5] Add medgar (PMC chair) to appropriate authorizations in auth file.


      [6] Create "click" directory in /www/www.apache.org/dist directory for
      publishing software.


      [7] JIRA

      Create new category Click and move the Click project from the
      Incubator category to the new Click Category

      Set sabob as the project lead of the Click project

      Allow sabob to fully administrate the Click project.

      Please ensure that JIRA notifications be sent to dev@click.apache.org (currently going to click-dev@incubator.apache.org)




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