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Migration of Lucene build jobs to ci-builds.a.o



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      Lucene wants to move our Jobs to the new ci-build.a.o server. I was already in communication with [~gmcdonald] and he provided the Job XML files of all our approx 50 jobs.

      After reviewing the job, I plan to POST those through the REST API (after doing some changes with regular expressions) to the new server (see [https://support.cloudbees.com/hc/en-us/articles/220857567-How-to-create-a-job-using-the-REST-API-and-cURL-] how to do this). I created an API token already.

      The following things need to be done - possibly in close cooperation though ASF INFRA slack channel:

      - Create the Folder in Jenkins (already done: https://ci-builds.apache.org/job/Lucene/) [/]
      - Give me the correct rights (ASF user: uschindler) to create jobs (I can't even find a possibility in the UI to create jobs, so looks like this is still open. Can the whole Lucene PMC given the right to create jobs, based on group in LDAP?
      - Move one of our two private nodes to the ci-build.apache.org (let's start with "lucene2", it's the newer one)
      - Assign this node privately to our project folder, so other projects can't use it. Assign a label "lucene" to the node. Alternatively, would new jobs without node assignment in the ML be executed automatically in our available nodes? If this is the case, we won't need a laber, but maybe it's better to have one
      - Are there any changes needed for build notifications. If mail address is same, we can just copy the job.

      When all this is done, I will push a TEST job (our Master build) to the new server using the REST API. I would then investigate any issues with this. If all this work, I will push other nodes. Once all is working, we can move the second node to new Jenkins server and delete all jobs on old server.

      We have to documentation builds not using the "lucene" label, instead "git-websites". Does this stay the same? Or should we use another node label.




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