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Donating ARM resources to Apache Jenkins for support ARM test and ARM releases



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      Hi Infra Team:

          Recently, we are trying to make more apache projects support ARM release. So I had post a discussion [1] in apache/hbase to access community attitude.
      As Hbase has used Apache Jenkins(https://builds.apache.org), but only 1 ARM resource can be found(https://builds.apache.org/computer/arm1/). Then for
      enhancing the apache projects abilities on ARM platform, we propose to integrate any needed CI testing/resources into existing processes on builds.a.o.
      That’s why I’m here and eager to discuss with infra team about how to make it forward.

          I’m from OpenLab team(https://openlabtesting.org/), a community to do open source project testing, this is OpenLab charter:
      (https://github.com/theopenlab/governance/blob/master/CHARTER.md). One of our goals is to make more opensource software to be more compatible for
      AArch64 platforms. Currently, we have some ARM resources for support, we want to push more software to run on ARM and can donate some to the Apache
      infra team.

          The first step of our proposal here is trying to provide some ARM resources(VM) be added as Apache Jenkins workers. Then any other projects which
      want to provide an official ARM build/testing could get a ARM testing machine from ARM resources pool. It will benefit all apache projects which use
      Apache Jenkins. So we need infra team's help about any possible effects we need concern and how to operate in the next step.

      The following is our questions, wish infra team can help:
      1. Can VMs be integrated into Apache Jenkins? Is there any other requestments?
      2. If VM is OK, what flavor we should use(X CPU/Y MEMORY)?
      3. What OS we need for VM(Ubuntu/centos/others?)?
      4. What size of VM volume is enough(XXX G)?
      5. How to access the VM when test using Apache Jenkins, is there some requirements about network? Floating IP is OK(Public IP address)?

          We provide not only ARM resources, but also human resources to fix the ARM related issues towards related apache projects and maintain
      the ARM build/testing works in the future. But for limited human resources, we will start from several apache projects. Also, we’re glad
      to see more contributors could join us.

          I’m eager to get everybody’s feedback from apache infra team. Any question is welcome.

      Now some apache projects are waiting for the ARM resources could be online for supporting test on ARM and ARM releases in the future.

      This new issue is for contining the work in the closed issue https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-18761 . The reason to close the https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-18761 is the delayed the ARM resources. In this issue, I will keep an eye to push the ARM provider to make the resources ready and update the status in the following comments. Thanks for understanding.


      [1] https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/e2c1a628491d6d659ee9ef948d3e9d760a781c2ce2d657cda1d9ab14@%3Cdev.hbase.apache.org%3E


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