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migrate SVN uimaj repo to writable GIT



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      Please switch the source control for the project in the SVN repo uima/uimaj to the writable GIT.

      A vote is on the dev@uima.apache.org list, open for > 72 hours.

      We have an existing read-only GIT repo: git://git.apache.org/uima-uimaj.git
      It should be up to date with the SVN repo .

      Here are some requests and questions:
      1) please set it up so that commit messages continue to go to our commits@uima.apache.org
      2) after the migration, please rename the trunk branch to master and make that the default. Note we have (also, already) another long-running branch that will act as a master for a different version of this code, called master-v2.
      3) please arrange to have commits or pull request merges scan the message for a JIRA tag, and update that JIRA with a link to the commit. I've seen 2 different documentations for this, and am not sure which applies. The two are (a) this page http://apache.org/dev/svngit2jira.html and (b) comments in other migration requests about setting an apache.jira OPTION in the repo configuration. Do both apply?
      4) I'm not sure what kind of "protection" we should have. Do people usually protect the master branch(es) only, in some way? I've seen "block force push" to master(s), setting pull requests to disable merge, and enable only rebase and merge or squash and merge.

      Thanks for any advice.




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