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Install slack auto-inviter for the-asf slack (make the-asf slack more public)



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      TLDR: I propose to install a small application to make it easier to request slack invites by new contributors.


      I would like to provide help for new contributors in a more informal way (debug the install together, check problems, etc.). the-asf slack channel seems to be ideal place but there is no easy way to join to this one.


      I propose to install slackin similar to http://slack.kubernetes.io/



      What can I help to achieve this goal?

      Slackin is a nodejs application and can be run in docker. It requires:

      1.) An api token from a slack inviter user (should be admin AFAIK)
      2.) google captcha credentials.

      It's not clear for me how this kind of applications could be run in the asf infra. I would be happy to work on any technical aspect or available to calls in any time zone if it could help.


      Community-dev mail thread (no objections/no feedback):


      Slack #general discussion (multiple +1)

      mew: Is this slack open for every contributors? How is it possible to join without apache email address? Is there any invitation service similar to http://slack.kubernetes.io/? (If not, can I install one?)

      Marton Elek [7:56 AM]
      Sorry, maybe it's too many questions together.

      TR [9:07 AM]
      replied to a thread:
      Hi Marton. The slack is open for everyone (users, contributors, committers etc). Many projects post a link on how join (e.g. Beam at https://beam.apache.org/community/contact-us/) but I gather those links expire, and it is fairly common people write to user@project asking for an invitation. It would be good that a Google search for “Apache Slack Join” found a page that summarised the use of Slack across the projects - I haven’t been able to find one just now.

      Marton Elek [5:13 PM]
      Thank you very much. Appreciate your answers. I would be happy to volunteer on an auto-invite system (get an invite with a form like http://slack.k8s.io/) if you think it's useful.
      For example the invite link on the mentioned beam site is not working any more...

      SR [1:45 AM]
      +1 for the auto-invite system
      that's a great idea




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