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As a PMC Member and build system maintainer for Apache Thrift, I request admin access to the thrift github mirror so I can better control Travis CI and Appveyor activities


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      I am a PMC Member of the Apache Thrift project. I opened this ticket to ask for admin access to the Apache Thrift github repository so I can continue to control and improve the build process for a very complex project.

      The project supports over 20 programming languages and builds on linux and on windows, and currently has two build systems, so as you can imagine the build and test matrix is enormous. CI builds for each PR are well over an hour total time. Our number of build jobs was capped at 5 last year and that has hurt our project's throughput, but it forced us to consolidate and fix up our build jobs (work I did) to optimize the build, so we're living with that limit and able to make progress.

      The problem remains that without admin access to the github mirror, I have absolutely no control over the ability to restart build jobs to deal with environmental/download issues, cancel outstanding CI build jobs, or to close pull requests. I have worked a lot over the last year getting the pull request backlog down from over 120 to below 40 (although it's back up to 45). I cannot engage services like codecov.io without being an admin on the repo.

      The boost project recognizes me as a repo admin for Boost DateTime, Format, and Uuid. I am the official maintainer of those projects and I have overhauled those projects to include automated Coverity Scan and codecov.io jobs. These same techniques can be applied to thrift's CI environment, improving the overall quality.

      Thank you for your consideration in this matter.




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