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githubbot (GitHub -> JIRA) not working



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      [~githubbot] seems to have stopped updating JIRA for at least some GitHub PRs.

      Pull request https://github.com/apache/accumulo/pull/363 should have updated JIRA issue https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ACCUMULO-3361 but did not.

      This happens periodically. You can also see that https://github.com/apache/accumulo/pull/357 did also initially not update https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ACCUMULO-4611 (some comments are missing from the work log in JIRA; and two links to the PR exist, because one was manually added and the other was added later by the bot once it started working again).

      My understanding is that this is a web hook, but there might be a problem with the web service running the asfgit-admin/cgi-bin/github.cgi script which handles the received notifications from GitHub. My impression (perhaps false) was that this was a known issue and the service just needed to be restarted. However, I do not know how closely the production code still matches the code in the asfgit-admin repo, because the change in that repo's add-pr-label-to-issues branch seemed to be working even though it hasn't been merged to the master branch of that repo.

      I understand that JIRA was recently updated, but I think it's unlikely that is related... unless JIRA changed its API or the bot's JIRA credentials changed. This does not seem to be the case, because the bot does have recent activity on other projects.

      I checked the ACCUMULO project in JIRA, and it looks like [~githubbot] is correctly configured as a Contributor, a role which has sufficient permissions to update the work log.

      Note: although the default [~githubbot] behavior is to update the comments on a JIRA issue, the ACCUMULO project is configured to update the worklog instead (which we think is better). Also, Accumulo is using gitbox (it has worked since the switch, so it's also unlikely that is related). It is not clear that either of these matter, but may be useful for troubleshooting. It's also not clear if we're the only project affected, or if others are also (we assume we're not the only ones affected).




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