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Create Commons TLP



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      The board has agreed to create the Commons project. (Please note that there has been a previous commons TLP)

      To aid in the process, would the Infrastructure team please do the following:


      [1] Root Tasks

      Create unix group "commons". If it already exists remove previous members.

      Add following usernames to group "commons":


      Verify that domain "commons.apache.org" is correctly setup.

      [1] Mailing List

      (i) addresses

          I. private@commons.apache.org

              * Henri Yandell <bayard@apache.org>
              * Jochen Wiedmann <jochen@apache.org>
              * Mario Ivankovits <imario@apache.org>
              * Stephen Colebourne <scolebourne@apache.org>
              * Dennis Lundberg <dennisl@apache.org>
              * Niall Pemberton <niallp@apache.org>
              * Martin van den Bemt <mvdb@apache.org>
              * Oliver Zeigermann <ozeigermann@apache.org>
              * Jörg Schaible <joehni@apache.org>
              * Oliver Heger <oheger@apache.org>
              * Matt Benson <mbenson@apache.org>
              * Martin Cooper <martinc@apache.org>
              * Phil Steitz <psteitz@apache.org>
              * Torsten Curdt <tcurdt@apache.org>
              * Daniel Savarese <dfs@apache.org>
              * Rory Winston <rwinston@apache.org>
              * Luc Maisonobe <luc@apache.org>
              * Joerg Pietschmann <pietsch@apache.org>
              * Dion Gillard <dion@apache.org>
              * Brent Worden <brentworden@apache.org>
              * Simon Kitching <skitching@apache.org>
              * Rahul Akolkar <rahul@apache.org>

         II. user@commons.apache.org subscribers from commons-user@jakarta.apache.org
        III. dev@commons.apache.org subscribers from commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org
         IV. commits@commons.apache.org subscribers from commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org
          V. issues@commons.apache.org subscribers from commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org

      (ii) remote moderators ...

          I. private@commons.apache.org moderators are rahul.akolkar@gmail.com, mbenson@apache.org
         II. user@commons.apache.org moderators from commons-user@jakarta.apache.org
        III. dev@commons.apache.org moderators from commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org
         IV. commits@commons.apache.org moderators from commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org
          V. issues@commons.apache.org moderators from commons-dev@jakarta.apache.org

      (iii) archives

         I. private@commons to be archived in the private area.
        II. http://commons.apache.org/mail/commons/user/YYYYMM.gz
       III. http://commons.apache.org/mail/commons/dev/YYYYMM.gz
        IV. http://commons.apache.org/mail/commons/commits/YYYYMM.gz
         V. http://commons.apache.org/mail/commons/issues/YYYYMM.gz

      (iv) options

         I. Reply-To: Header [X] yes [ ] no
        II. Message Trailer [X] yes [ ] no

      [2] Source Control

      (i) Subversion

          Move the existing jakarta/commons tree to TLP

      (ii) Authorization

          Commit access should be granted to all members of the commons group [1]

      [3] Wiki

      (i) Wiki pages need to be migrated


          This is/will be done by the community itself.

      [4] Bug tracking

      (i) Project URLs need to be migrated

          This is/will be done by the community itself.




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