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httpS://www.jspwiki.org showing content from https://www.openoffice.org



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    • Oct 2016
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      As notified at infrastructure@apache.org this morning, https://www.jspwiki.org is showing content from https://www.openoffice.org, whereas http://www.jspwiki.org is doing fine.

      Excerpts from the ML:

      "This is hitting a weird quirk with the vhost setup.

      There is no defined https for www.jspwiki.org, and so is hitting the last defined https vhost it can find (openoffice), as incubator and apache.org is not matching, but there was an https request, and ends up setting it to the openoffice vhost.."
      "It is only the https:// versions that fall foul of the vhost setup.

      Is it not possible to fix this?

      Or if it's not possible to fix the lack of an https host, then at
      least the setup should be changed so that unmatched hosts result in an
      error message of some kind."
      "There indeed needs to be a default, but it won't fix the https issue of cert mis-match for a dns entry pointing at the host with no ssl cert."
      "No, but it would at least avoid the confusing situation we have at
      present where the URL and website content don't agree.
      This problem presumably applies to all vhosts for which there is not
      yet an https site."
      "Ideally of course all vhosts should support SSL then this problem
      would not arise.

      But until that day, obviously the cert mismatch cannot be avoided.

      However I think it is possible to provide an error message to the user
      if the vhost is not available via SSL.

      Rather than default to an existing site with the wrong content, change
      the default to a simple new site which explains that the vhost is not
      available using SSL.
      That would be a lot better than the current situation."
      "File a jira, it will be added to the queue."


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