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      Following on from IMPALA-8659, we may have some cases where impalads do self-RPCs via the thrift internal service IMPALA-7984. This JIRA is to investigate if this is a problem, and to fix it (either by intercepting self-RPCs in Thrift or by making code changes to avoid it).

      Basic join where global runtime filters should apply:

      select straight_join count(*)
      from alltypes t1 join /*+ shuffle */ alltypes t2 on t1.id = t2.id
      where t2.string_col = '1';

      Interesting cases

      • Dedicated coordinator with distributed plan ==> expect that all joins and scans run on executors and all filter aggregation happens on coordinator.
      • Single node plan (num_nodes=1) ==> expect that all filters are local ==> no RPCs required
      • Combined coordinator/executor with distributed plan ==> may do self-RPC

      So I think in the dedicated coordinator/executor case we're ok. Note that IMPALA-3825 may violate the above assumptions.

      I can pretty easily reproduce the issue on combined coordinators/executors with verbosity level 2. This is a log excerpt from the Impalad tarmstrong-box:22000

      I0619 17:28:00.913919 25525 client-cache.cc:47] GetClient(tarmstrong-box:22000)
      I0619 17:28:00.913924 25525 client-cache.cc:57] GetClient(): returning cached client for tarmstrong-box:22000
      I0619 17:28:00.914047 25425 rpc-trace.cc:202] RPC call: ImpalaInternalService.PublishFilter(from ::ffff:
      I0619 17:28:00.914587 25425 query-exec-mgr.cc:98] QueryState: query_id=624be7fc0bc0e122:0fbdc17200000000 refcnt=6
      I0619 17:28:00.914597 25425 fragment-instance-state.cc:511] PublishFilter(): instance_id=624be7fc0bc0e122:0fbdc17200000002 filter_id=0
      I0619 17:28:00.915010 25425 query-exec-mgr.cc:162] ReleaseQueryState(): query_id=624be7fc0bc0e122:0fbdc17200000000 refcnt=6
      I0619 17:28:00.915038 25425 rpc-trace.cc:212] RPC call: backend:ImpalaInternalService.PublishFilter from ::ffff: took 1.000ms
      I0619 17:28:00.915043 25525 client-cache.cc:152] Releasing client for tarmstrong-box:22000 back to cache
      I0619 17:28:00.915175 25525 rpc-trace.cc:212] RPC call: backend:ImpalaInternalService.UpdateFilter from ::ffff: took 5.000ms
      I0619 17:28:00.922312 25437 scan-node.cc:192] 624be7fc0bc0e122:0fbdc17200000002] Filters arrived. Waited 351ms


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