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      From the general@incubator mailing list, Justin Mclean reports:

      Please place build instruction and supported platforms in the README.
      The wiki may change over time and that may make it difficult to build older versions.
      I checked:
      - name contains incubating
      - signatures and hashes correct
      - DISCLAIMER exists
      - LICENSE seem to be missing a few things
      - NOTICE correct
      - All ASF files have ASF headers
      - One possible binary file that shouldn’t be in the source release? [15] (not sure what this is)
      - Couldn’t compile from source. Please include build instructions in the package.
      LICENSE is missing
      - File [1] has different copyright owner than in LICENSE. Looks to come from a product called Valgrind.
      - This file [5] copyright (C) 2011 Jesus Leganes “piranna"
      - This BSD licensed file copyright Kitware
      - This MIT licensed files [9]. The Cloudera copyright may need to be remove if it was part of 
      the software grant?
      - MIT license normalise bundled in [13][14]
      Couldn't build from source on OSX with this error when running build all.
      ./buildall.sh  gives:
      /apache-impala-incubating-2.7.0/bin/impala-config.sh: line 375: nproc: command not found
      The build instruction on the wiki mention OSX is not support that would of been nice to know 
      up front. [16]
      This files [2][3][4][7] incorrectly (I think) have ASF copyright lines. [8] may also have an issue 
      with 2 owners was this part of the original software grant or not?
      May also want to fix this [10] the licence of 0.1.1 is unknown [11], but 0.1.3 is Apache licensed.[12]
      The last line in LICENSE re JQuery I think can be removed.
      1. ./be/src/gutil/valgrind.h
      2. ./fe/src/test/resources/hbase-site.xml.template
      3 ./testdata/cluster/node_templates/common/etc/hadoop/conf/hadoop-policy.xml
      4. ./testdata/cluster/node_templates/common/etc/hadoop/conf/log4j.properties.tmpl
      5. ./apache-impala-incubating-2.7.0/shell/ext-py/sqlparse-0.1.14/sqlparse/pipeline.py
      6. ./cmake_modules/FindJNI.cmake
      7. ./testdata/cluster/node_templates/common/etc/hadoop/conf/log4j.properties.tmpl
      8. ./bin/file2array.sh
      9 ./be/src/thirdparty/squeasel/squeasel.?
      10. /shell/ext-py/sasl-0.1.1/*
      11. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sasl/0.1.1
      12. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sasl/0.1.3
      13. ./tests/comparison/leopard/static/css/bootstrap.css
      14. ./www/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css
      15. ./apache-impala-incubating-2.7.0/llvm-ir/test-loop.bc
      16 https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/IMPALA/Building+Impala




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