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  2. IMPALA-10484

Support using non-relative collection columns of a table containing row-filtering policies

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      This is a follow-up for IMPALA-9234. Row-filtering policies are applied as the WHERE clause of the table masking view of the base table/view. E.g. if table "tblA" contains a row-filtering policy "id=0", the original query "select * from tblA join tblB on (id)" will be analyzed as

      select * from (
        select col1, col2, ..., colN from tblA where id = 0
      ) v join tblB on (id)

      Tables containing complex types are more complex in analyzing. Let's say "tblA" contains two columns:

      id int int_array array<int>
      0 [1,2,3]
      1 [4,5]

      The following queries gets all items of the array column:

      -- Good for applying table masking view on tblA
      select a.item from tblA t, t.int_array a;
      -- Hard to apply table masking view on tblA
      select item from tblA.int_array;

      The second query uses unrelated collection column directly. So we can't apply the row-filtering policies on the base table. This will leak data, so IMPALA-9234 forbids them.

      We can support this by rewritting the second query to the first one. Luckily, we already have a rewritter containing this ability: AcidRewriter in StmtRewriter. With some refactor it can be reused. However, there is a bug (IMPALA-10482) needs to be fixed first.


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