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Binary Client Protocol spec: Key-Value Queries clarifications


    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.4
    • Fix Version/s: 2.7
    • Component/s: documentation, thin client
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      • all operations - "Flag. Pass 0 for default, or 1 to keep the value in binary form":
        • remove words about binary form and keep "Pass 0 for default" for all operations where this flag has no meaning.
        • clarify about binary form in operations where it has a meaning.
      • OP_CACHE_GET: clarify that null is returned if the provided key does not exist in the cache.
      • OP_CACHE_GET_AND_PUT: clarify that new entry is created, if the provided key does not exist in the cache, and null is returned in this case.
        • "if and only if there is a value currently mapped for that key" - is confusing. Is it possible that an existing key has no associated value? Suggest to rephrase as "if and only if the key exists in the cache"
        • clarify that null is returned if the key does not exist in the cache.
      • OP_CACHE_GET_AND_REMOVE: clarify that null is returned if the key does not exist in the cache.
      • OP_CACHE_PUT_IF_ABSENT: clarify what is "Success Flag" - true if the new entry is created, false if the specified key already exists in the cache.
      • OP_CACHE_GET_AND_PUT_IF_ABSENT: "Previously contained value regardless of whether put happened or not" - is confusing. Suggest to rewrite "the current value associated with the key if it already exists in the cache, null if the new entry is created".
      • OP_CACHE_GET_SIZE: clarify Peek modes
        • what is the difference between the corresponding operations? Only in notifying / not notifying listeners and cache writers? Or there are other differences not clarified by the spec?
        • (the operations could be combined in one set - with a flag required/not required notifications)
        • there is OP_CACHE_REMOVE_IF_EQUALS. But there is no OP_CACHE_CLEAR_IF_EQUALS. Is it intentional?
        • OP_CACHE_REMOVE_KEY and OP_CACHE_REMOVE_IF_EQUALS have "Value indicating whether remove happened" in the response. But OP_CACHE_CLEAR_KEY does not have such a flag in the response. Is it intentional?
        • OP_CACHE_CLEAR_KEYS, OP_CACHE_REMOVE_KEYS: clarify that even if some of the specified keys do not exist other entries are removed anyway.


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