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Need to increase test coverage (support all configurations combinations)



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      The purpose of this ticket is to make sure that all cache operations should work for any config props combination.

      New test suite should be created. Cache full API tests should be used as start point.

      The following tests should be added (for functional blocks):

      1. Interceptor
      2. Queries: continuous, scan, SQL, fields and text queries.
      3. cache events
      4. We should also test with Serializable, Externalizable, and plain Pojos for keys and values.
      5. The Pojo in the above test should contain an enum value
      6. We should also test Enums as keys and Enums as values
      7. All operations should have single-key and multi-key operations

      New tests should cover all combinations for following properties:

      1. cache modes
      2. operation from client nodes and server nodes
      3. store enabled/disabled
      4. evicts sycn/non-sync
      5. eviction policies
      6. near on/off
      7. marshallers (+ Binary marshaller with different mappers)
      8. keys and values (data modes) - externalizable, serializable, binaryzable, enums, proxy, "none of previous"
      9. classes available on servers: true/false
      10. Peer loading on/off
      11. Affinity functions
      12. expiry policies

      One more thing for new tests: I think test should start both server and
      client nodes and use Ignite API from all nodes.
      Design notes

      1. New tests should accept cache/grid configuration on creation or via setter method
      2. Enclosing suite should have a collection of all configurations prebuilt or should be able to generate the full set of configurations.


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