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Add tracing of SQL queries.



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      It's needed to add tracingĀ of SQL queries based on the tracing framework that was added as part of theĀ IGNITE-13060

      Tracing of SQL queries must show phases of query execution, their duration, errors and additional information describing each of the phases, such as the number of rows requested from a remote node, SQL query mapping, and so on.

      For the first step of implementation Its proposed to distinguish the following phases of queries execution:

      • The overall execution of SQL query.
      • Opening SQL query cursor.
      • Closing SQL query cursor.
      • Cancellation SQL query cursor.
      • Parsing SQL query.
      • Processing SQL query execution request.
      • Processing SQL next result page request.
      • Processing mapped node response with requested SQL result page.
      • Execution SQL query by H2.
      • Reading rows from cursor and preparing result page.
      • Processing SQL query fail response.
      • Processing DML query request.
      • Processing DML query response.
      • Processing query cancellation request.
      • Opening cursor iterator.
      • Opening cursor iterator.
      • Fetching SQL query result page.
      • Waiting for SQL query results page to be received.
      • Processing SQL index range request.
      • Processing SQL index range response.
      • Execution of SQL DML query.
      • Execution of SQL command query which either DDL SQL queries or Ignite native SQL commands.
      • SQL query partitions reservation.
      • Update of cache as a result of the SQL DML query.
      • Processing of incoming batch.

      And keeps the following info:

      • SQL query text
      • SQL query schema
      • Number of rows that result page contains.
      • Number of rows that index range response contains.
      • Name of SQL table.
      • Number of cache entries to be updated as a result of DML query.


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