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Add message to warn about missing column name in nested select



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      what I am seeing is the nested select is not getting executed. To make it simpler, I created a simple prototype. I know in this example I don't need to create a separate select, but wondering why its not working. Here are the details

      public class Car
      private int carId ;
      private String name ;

      private List<Parts> carParts ;

      public class Parts
      private int partId;
      private String name ;


      <resultMap id="carResult" type="Car">
      <id property="carId" column="id"/>
      <result property="name" column="name"/>
      <collection property="carParts" javaType="ArrayList" ofType="Parts" select="getCarPartInfo"/>

      <select id="getCarsInfo" resultMap="carResult">
      SELECT car_id as "id", name
      FROM Car where car_id=1

      <select id="getCarPartInfo" resultType="Parts">
      SELECT part_id as "partId", name
      FROM Parts where car_id=1

      mysql> select * from car;

      car_id name


      1 Audi

      1 row in set (0.00 sec)

      mysql> select * from Parts;

      part_id name car_id


      100 door 1
      101 windshield 1
      102 Brakes 1

      3 rows in set (0.00 sec)


      Unit Test

      public void testGetCarInfo() {
      List<Car> list = repository.getCarsInfo();
      for (Iterator<Car> carIter = list.iterator();carIter.hasNext() {
      Car d = carIter.next();
      logger.debug("Car id " + d.getCarId() + " name " + d.getName());
      List<Parts> dPartList = d.getCarParts();
      if (dPartList!=null)

      { logger.debug(" car Part iterator is not null " + dPartList.size()); }


      { logger.debug(" car Part List is null " ); }


      assertNotNull("At least one device must exist", list);

      Unit Test Result

      2010-04-07 11:27:11,576 DEBUG [iBatisImplTest] Car id 1 name Audi
      2010-04-07 11:27:11,577 DEBUG [iBatisImplTest] car Part List is null

      As you can see the result does not contain the Parts List, the Collection is not getting set. It does not throw any warning, error or exception simply returns empty list.

      The reason was because column attribute was missing from Collection. when I added <collection property="carParts" column="id" javaType="ArrayList" ofType="Parts" select="getCarPartInfo"/> it worked fine.
      As per Clinton, the missing column must have been caught.




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