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Please consider implementing external iterator for results

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      Please consider implementing an external iterator for mapped results.

      iBatis currently offers an internal/push iterator via IoC with SqlSession.select(...) and ResultHandler. This results in complicated client implementations when used with a pull API such as StAX. This requires the introduction of an additional thread, buffering and associated concurrency as well a complication error detection and handling.

      The API and associated semantic of an external iterator implementation might look something like this.

      String selectId = ...
      Object parameters = ...
      SqlSessionFactory sqlSessionFactory = ...
      SqlSession sqlSession = sqlSessionFactory.openSession();
      ResultIterator resultsIterator = sqlSession.selectMultiple(selectID, parameters);
      // hand resultIterator off to some pull API (i.e. wrap in StAX XMLEventReader implementation and stream your GiBi of data into the ether, yay!)

      // the resultIterator API might look like this...
      public class ResultIterator implements Iterator<Object> {
      // Implement Iterator.next()
      public Object next()

      { // return next mapped object // if result set exhausted close it, do cleanup, make sure hasNext() results 'false' ... }

      // Implement Iterator.hasNext()
      public boolean hasNext()

      { // result set exhausted, stop() called? ... }

      // Implement Iterator.remove()
      public void remove()

      { // not going to work in this context... throw new UnsupportedOperationException(); }

      public stop()

      { // analog to ResultHandler/ResultContext.stop() // do cleanup, i.e. close result set make sure subsequent hasNext() returns 'false' }





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