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Support multiple character sets (parse XML from InputStream vs. Reader)



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      iBATIS-3 currently parses XML from Reader instances. When Reader instances are created by the class Resources, then premature assumptions are made about their charsets. - Charset is assumed to be the platform's default charset or whatever is the current value of the field Resources.charset - but the charset defined in the xml header is ignored!!

      It would be better to parse the XML from InputStream, so that the XML-framework will get the chance to determine charset on its own from the XML-header or - in case the header does not specify charset - rely on the XML-framework's ability to make charset assumptions, instead of having iBATIS interfere.

      This is probably not much of an issue in the English-speaking part of the world but where I live it is not uncommon to encounter a project with XML-files that have different charsets.

      Older versions of iBATIS have relied on parsing XML from Reader, which could be justified by the quality of the XML-frameworks of the old days, but today it is no longer justified. - The introduction of iBATIS-3 provides a convenient opportunity to fully abandon the Reader usage and start to parse XML from InputStream exclusively.




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