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Bug Bash 0.6.0 Tracking Ticket



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      This is a tracking ticket for all bug bash 0.6.0 tickets. 

      We have done our best to assign tickets to those who might have good context and to those who volunteered for bug bash. The cursory assignment is just to help you out, and by no means forcing you to work on it. If you feel you can't work on it, please unassign yourself, or you could swap with someone here. 

      All tickets are labelled with "bug-bash-0.6.0". If anyone feels to pitch in with any of the work you have or currently doing, feel free to add the label, but don't remove from existing ones. 

      Some tickets are support ones, which might need follow up questions/clarifications with the reporter of the ticket. For those try to start working right away so we can drive to completion by end of day 10. 

      We are looking to time it for 10 days. Planning to wrap it up by 27th of May. 

      Again, we totally understand that some tickets may not be completed by the time due to various reasons, like support questions, not able to repro locally, env mis-match, swamped with some PR work, or don't have cycles during these 10 days, etc. Let's try our best to take these to completion.

      We are all ears for any questions or clarification. Please respond here in Jira or you could send an email to our mailing list in bug bash thread.






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