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HttpClient 4.4.1 sends RST instead of proper FIN ACK sequence when using non-persistant connections



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      I'm seeing an interesting behavior with HttpClient 4.4.1 GA (latest release as of the writing of this issue) when trying to make http requests with no keep-alive.

      First, let me post my code for the case in which I try to request using keep-alive.

      Java code for keepalive test with httpclient 4.4.1 GA

      With the code above, everything works great. All my requests are done one the same connection and we get a nice graceful close with a couple FIN ACKs at the end. The capture is here:

      Capture of keepalive test with httpclient 4.4.1 GA

      However, when I try to do the same thing without using keepalive (I set "Connection: close" in the httpclient and make sure I call close on the httpclient as well at the end of each request), I see I the client send a reset (RST) signal to the server at the end of the connection.

      The code for the non keepalive test is here:

      Java code for no keepalive test with httpclient 4.4.1 GA

      And its capture is here:

      Capture of no keepalive test with httpclient 4.4.1 GA

      I don't understand why the test with non persistent connections isn't gracefully closing the connection as it does with the persistent use case by sending a FIN,ACK to the server. It instead chooses to send a RST. Am I doing something wrong?

      I tried the same test for no keep-alive with our legacy code using the now deprecated "commons-httpclient-3.1.jar" library. I see a proper connection close there.

      Capture of no keepalive test with commons-httpclient-3.1

      I've attached as much info as I can think of but if the wire logs or any other info is needed, I'd be more than happy to append it.


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        3. POC_keep_alive_WITHOUT_class.pcap
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        5. NonKeepAliveTestWireLog
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