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Ian Maxon <imaxon@apache.org> committed 5226ca87421b3ade4f65be206b5eb291ea6c4667 (18 files)
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Subset hive-exec, make twitter4j a provided dep.
Change-Id: Iee4276f540ec8552181bfb452882654b5faa17df
Reviewed-on: https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci.edu/1427
Tested-by: Jenkins <jenkins@fulliautomatix.ics.uci.edu>
Reviewed-by: Michael Blow <mblow@apache.org>

asterixdb release-0.8.9
Vitalii Diravka <vitalii.diravka@gmail.com> committed 4a0fd56c106550eee26ca68eaed6108f0dbad798 (7 files)
Sudheesh Katkam <sudheesh@apache.org> committed ae0608b5c4b5ef9f897d6bc3a51f00f0b985bd60 (15 files)
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Revert "DRILL-4373: Drill and Hive have incompatible timestamp representations in parquet - added sys/sess option "store.parquet.int96_as_timestamp"; - added int96 to timestamp converter for both readers; - added unit tests;"
This reverts commit 7e7214b40784668d1599f265067f789aedb6cf86.

drill 1.9.0
chunhui-shi <cshi@maprtech.com> committed 68bd27a128c2f244bd504369dce510727ea28da7 (7 files)
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DRILL-4982: Separate Hive reader classes for different data formats to improve performance.
1, Separating Hive reader classes allows optimization to apply on different classes in optimized ways. This separation effectively avoid the performance degradation of scan.

2, Do not apply Skip footer/header mechanism on most Hive formats. This skip mechanism introduces extra checks on each incoming records.

close apache/drill#638

Serhii-Harnyk <serhii.harnyk@gmail.com> committed 03928af0b5cafd52e5b153aa852e5642b505f2c6 (23 files)
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DRILL-5032: Drill query on hive parquet table failed with OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
close apache/drill#654

drill 1.10.0
Sorabh Hamirwasia <shamirwasia@maprtech.com> committed ca3733e38197f77c6bd7f8b7e03cdd9f5dd87f18 (1 file)
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DRILL-4964: Make Drill reconnect to hive metastore after hive metastore is restarted.
Drill fails to connect to hive metastore after hive metastore is restarted unless drillbits are restarted.

Changes: For methods DrillHiveMetaStoreClient.getAllDatabases() and DrillHiveMetaStoreClient.getAllTables(),
the HiveMetaStoreClient wraps MetaException and TException both into MetaException. In case of connection
failure which is thrown as TException it is difficult to categorize at DrillClient level. The fix is to
close older connection and reconnect in case of these 2 api's. In all other cases proper set of exceptions
are thrown where we can handle each one individually.

close apache/drill#628

Aditya Kishore <adi@apache.org> committed f3c26e34e3a72ef338c4dbca1a0204f342176972 (1 file)
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DRILL-4894: Fix unit test failure in 'storage-hive/core' module
Exclude 'hadoop-mapreduce-client-core' and 'hadoop-auth' as transitive dependencies from 'hbase-server'

Aditya Kishore <adi@apache.org> committed ac462c510261217a9f7674c279bc7b7b2c995a7f (1 file)
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Explicitly specify `hbase-server` dependency in Hive storage plugin.
Hive's HBaseStorageHandler uses HBase's TableInputFormat which is in hbase-server module.

Vitalii Diravka <vitalii.diravka@gmail.com> committed f11f321293b144f20f3cd9d80b62a355f931823c (1 file)
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DRILL-4874: "No UserGroupInformation while generating ORC splits" - hive known issue in 1.2.0-mapr-1607 release - drill is updated to 1.2.0-mapr-1608 hive version.

Vitalii Diravka <vitalii.diravka@gmail.com> committed 7e7214b40784668d1599f265067f789aedb6cf86 (16 files)
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DRILL-4373: Drill and Hive have incompatible timestamp representations in parquet - added sys/sess option "store.parquet.int96_as_timestamp"; - added int96 to timestamp converter for both readers; - added unit tests;
This closes #600

drill 1.9.0
Jinfeng Ni <jni@apache.org> committed 7e564996f71330dd5acdae6d403841176eeb5c64 (3 files)
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DRILL-4768: Fix leaking hive meta store connection in Drill's hive metastore client call.
- do not call reconnect if the connection is still alive and the error is caused by either UnknownTableException or access error.
- call close() explicitly before reconnect() and check if client.close() will hit exception.
- make DrillHiveMetaStoreClient closable.

close apache/drill#543

Jason Altekruse <altekrusejason@gmail.com> committed 2bf48113a2b666075ec27184a5c1f70b8979b1e6 (6 files)
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DRILL-4441: Fix varchar data read out of Avro filtering incorrectly due to metadata bug
The precision of the Varchar datatype was not being set causing inconsistent
truncation of values to the default length of 1. Fixed the same issue with varbinary.

The test framework was previously taking a string as the baseline for a binary value,
which cannot express all possible values. Fixed the test to intstead use a byte array.
Thie required updating the hive tests that were using the old method of specifying
baselines with a String.

Fix cast to varbinary when reading from a data source with schema needed for writing
a test.

Updated patch to remove varchar lengths from table creation.
This issue was fixed more generally by DRILL-4465, which provides a default
type length for varchar and varbinary during the setup of calcite. This update now
just provides tests to verify the fix in this case.

Closes #393

Arina Ielchiieva <arina.yelchiyeva@gmail.com> committed 84ce21c9147f646bce55071573b1b6f72fd2a45e (4 files)
Bridget Bevens <bbevens@maprtech.com> committed 657633d7bbdee44ed2fbd5b13339ecf91624730b (1 file)
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edit to hive metadata caching