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Hive CLI Omnibus Improvement ticket


    • Type: Improvement
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      CLI history tab completion readline jline


      Add the following features to the Hive CLI:

      • Command History
      • ReadLine support
        • HIVE-120: Add readline support/support for alt-based commands in the CLI
        • Java-ReadLine is LGPL, but it depends on GPL readline library. We probably need to use JLine instead.
      • Tab completion
        • HIVE-97: tab completion for hive cli
      • Embedded/Standalone CLI modes, and ability to connect to different Hive Server instances.
        • HIVE-818: Create a Hive CLI that connects to hive ThriftServer
      • .hiverc configuration file
      • Improved support for comments.
        • HIVE-430: Ability to comment desired for hive query files
      • Different output formats
        • HIVE-49: display column header on CLI
        • XML output format

      For additional inspiration we may want to look at the Postgres psql shell: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.1/static/app-psql.html

      Finally, it would be really cool if we implemented this in a generic fashion and spun it off as an apache-commons
      shell framework. It seems like most of the Apache Hadoop projects have their own shells, and I'm sure the same is true
      for non-Hadoop Apache projects as well.


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