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      With HIVE-5566 complete we are ready to merge the maven branch to trunk. The following tasks will be done post-merge:

      • HIVE-5611 - Add assembly (i.e.) tar creation to pom

      The merge process will be as follows:

      1) Disable the precommit build

      2) Apply patch

      3) Commit result

      svn status
      svn add 
      svn commit -m "HIVE-5610 - Merge maven branch into trunk (patch)"

      4) Modify maven-rollforward.sh to use svn mv not mv:

      perl -i -pe 's@^  mv @  svn mv @g' maven-rollforward.sh

      5) Execute maven-rollforward.sh and commit result

      bash ./maven-rollforward.sh
      svn status
      svn commit -m "HIVE-5610 - Merge maven branch into trunk (maven rollforward)"

      6) Modify maven-delete-ant.sh to use svn rm as opposed to rm:

      perl -i -pe 's@^  rm -rf @  svn rm @g' maven-delete-ant.sh

      7) Execute maven-delete-ant.sh and commit result

      bash ./maven-delete-ant.sh
      svn status
      svn commit -m "HIVE-5610 - Merge maven branch into trunk (delete ant)"

      8) Update trunk-mr1.properties and trunk-mr2.properties on the ptesting host, adding the following:

      mavenEnvOpts = -Dhttp.proxyHost=localhost -Dhttp.proxyPort=3128 
      testCasePropertyName = test
      buildTool = maven
      unitTests.directories = ./

      9) Enable the precommit build


      On this jira I will upload three patches:

      • for-reading has no qfiles updates so it's easier to read
      • for-commit has the qfile updates and is for commit
      • maven is the patch in a "rollfoward" state for testing purposes

      To build everything you must:

      $ mvn clean install -DskipTests
      $ cd itests
      $ mvn clean install -DskipTests

      because itests (any tests that has cyclical dependencies or requires that the packages be built) is not part of the root reactor build.


        1. HIVE-5610.1-for-commit.patch
          1.90 MB
          Brock Noland
        2. HIVE-5610.1-for-reading.patch
          392 kB
          Brock Noland
        3. HIVE-5610.1-maven.patch
          3.95 MB
          Brock Noland
        4. HIVE-5610.2-for-commit.patch
          1.68 MB
          Brock Noland
        5. HIVE-5610.2-for-reading.patch
          377 kB
          Brock Noland
        6. HIVE-5610.2-maven.patch
          3.73 MB
          Brock Noland
        7. HIVE-5610.4-for-reading.patch
          352 kB
          Brock Noland
        8. HIVE-5610.4-for-commit.patch
          1.65 MB
          Brock Noland
        9. HIVE-5610.4-maven.patch
          1.66 MB
          Brock Noland
        10. HIVE-5610.5-for-commit.patch
          1.65 MB
          Brock Noland
        11. HIVE-5610.5-for-reading.patch
          352 kB
          Brock Noland
        12. HIVE-5610.5-maven.patch
          3.71 MB
          Brock Noland
        13. HIVE-5610.6-for-commit.patch
          1.65 MB
          Brock Noland
        14. HIVE-5610.6-for-reading.patch
          352 kB
          Brock Noland
        15. HIVE-5610.6-maven.patch
          3.71 MB
          Brock Noland
        16. Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.42.03 PM.png
          235 kB
          Brock Noland

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