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Make Hive support column based storage

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    • HIVE-352. Column-based storage format RCFile. (Yongqiang He via zshao)


      column based storage has been proven a better storage layout for OLAP.
      Hive does a great job on raw row oriented storage. In this issue, we will enhance hive to support column based storage.
      Acctually we have done some work on column based storage on top of hdfs, i think it will need some review and refactoring to port it to Hive.

      Any thoughts?


        1. 4-22 performace2.txt
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          He Yongqiang
        2. 4-22 performance.txt
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          He Yongqiang
        3. 4-22 progress.txt
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          He Yongqiang
        4. hive-352-2009-4-15.patch
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          He Yongqiang
        5. hive-352-2009-4-16.patch
          106 kB
          He Yongqiang
        6. hive-352-2009-4-17.patch
          109 kB
          He Yongqiang
        7. hive-352-2009-4-19.patch
          129 kB
          He Yongqiang
        8. hive-352-2009-4-22.patch
          138 kB
          He Yongqiang
        9. hive-352-2009-4-22-2.patch
          138 kB
          He Yongqiang
        10. hive-352-2009-4-23.patch
          139 kB
          He Yongqiang
        11. hive-352-2009-4-27.patch
          142 kB
          He Yongqiang
        12. hive-352-2009-4-30-2.patch
          146 kB
          He Yongqiang
        13. hive-352-2009-4-30-3.patch
          146 kB
          He Yongqiang
        14. hive-352-2009-4-30-4.patch
          156 kB
          He Yongqiang
        15. hive-352-2009-5-1.patch
          155 kB
          He Yongqiang
        16. hive-352-2009-5-1-3.patch
          158 kB
          He Yongqiang
        17. HIve-352-draft-2009-03-28.patch
          51 kB
          He Yongqiang
        18. Hive-352-draft-2009-03-30.patch
          60 kB
          He Yongqiang

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