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Views created with a WHERE subquery will regard views referenced in the subquery as direct input



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      If Hive is configured with an authorization hook like Sentry, and a view is created with a WHERE clause referencing a different view' user has no access to, user cannot access the view as view' is considered direct input.

      For example:

      create database db1;
      create database db2;
      create database db3;
      create table db1.table1 (cola string, colb string, colc string);
      insert into db1.table1 values ('a','b','c');
      insert into db1.table1 values ('x','y','z');
      CREATE VIEW db2.view1 AS SELECT cola, colb, colc FROM db1.table1 WHERE cola="x"; 
      CREATE VIEW db2.view2 AS SELECT table1.cola, table1.colb, table1.colc FROM db1.table1 WHERE table1.cola NOT IN (SELECT view1.cola FROM db2.view1); 
      create view db3.view3 as select * from db2.view2

       If test_user has read permission for only db3 (but not db1 or db2), their query

      select * from db3.view3;

      will fail with :

      Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException No valid privileges User test_user does not have privileges for QUERY The required privileges: Server=server1->Db=db2->Table=view1->action=select; 

      WHERE IN and WHERE EXISTS cause the same issue.

      Cascading views created with no WHERE clauses (i.e. with simple SELECTs and FROM clauses) work fine.


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