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Bootstrap repl dump with concurrent write and drop of ACID table makes target inconsistent.




      During bootstrap dump of ACID tables, let's consider the below sequence.

      • Get lastReplId = last event ID logged.
      • Current session (Thread-1), REPL DUMP -> Open txn (Txn1) - Event-10
      • Another session (Thread-2), Open txn (Txn2) - Event-11
      • Thread-2 -> Insert data (T1.D1) to ACID table. - Event-12
      • Thread-2 -> Commit Txn (Txn2) - Event-13
      • Thread-2 -> Drop table (T1) - Event-14
      • Thread-1 -> Dump ACID tables based on current list of tables. So, T1 will be missing.
      • Thread-1 -> Commit Txn (Txn1)
      • REPL LOAD from bootstrap dump will skip T1.
      • Incremental REPL DUMP will start from Event-10 and hence allocate write id for table T1 and drop table(T1) is idempotent. So, at target, exist entries in TXN_TO_WRITE_ID and NEXT_WRITE_ID metastore tables.
      • Now, when we create another table at source with same name T1 and replicate, then it may lead to incorrect data for readers at target on T1.

      Couple of proposals:
      1. Make allocate write ID idempotent which is not possible as table doesn't exist and MM table import may lead to allocate write id before creating table. So, cannot differentiate these 2 cases.
      2. Make Drop table event to drop entries from TXN_TO_WRITE_ID and NEXT_WRITE_ID tables irrespective of table exist or not at target.


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        3. HIVE-20264.02.patch
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          Sankar Hariappan

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