Replicate ACID write Events

      • Create new EVENT_WRITE event with related message format to log the write operations with in a txn along with data associated.
      • Log this event when perform any writes (insert into, insert overwrite, load table, delete, update, merge, truncate) on table/partition.
      • If a single MERGE/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE statement operates on multiple partitions, then need to log one event per partition.
      • DbNotificationListener should log this type of event to special metastore table named "MTxnWriteNotificationLog".
      • This table should maintain a map of txn ID against list of tables/partitions written by given txn.
      • The entry for a given txn should be removed by the cleaner thread that removes the expired events from EventNotificationTable.

      Replicate Commit Txn operation (with writes)

      Add new EVENT_COMMIT_TXN to log the metadata/data of all tables/partitions modified within the txn.

      Source warehouse:

      • This event should read the EVENT_WRITEs from "MTxnWriteNotificationLog" metastore table to consolidate the list of tables/partitions modified within this txn scope.
      • Based on the list of tables/partitions modified and table Write ID, need to compute the list of delta files added by this txn.
      • Repl dump should read this message and dump the metadata and delta files list.

      Target warehouse:

      • Ensure snapshot isolation at target for on-going read txns which shouldn't view the data replicated from committed txn. (Ensured with open and allocate write ID events).


        1. HIVE-19267.06.patch
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        5. HIVE-19267.02.patch
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        6. HIVE-19267.01.patch
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