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Explicitly check if the HoS Remote Driver has been lost in the RemoteSparkJobMonitor



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      Right now the RemoteSparkJobMonitor implicitly checks if the connection to the Spark remote driver is active. It does this everytime it triggers an invocation of the Rpc#call method (so any call to SparkClient#run).

      There are scenarios where we have seen the RemoteSparkJobMonitor when the connection to the driver dies, because the implicit call fails to be invoked (see HIVE-15860).

      It would be ideal if we made this call explicit, so we fail as soon as we know that the connection to the driver has died.

      The fix has the added benefit that it allows us to fail faster in the case where the RemoteSparkJobMonitor is in the QUEUED / SENT state. If its stuck in that state, it won't fail until it hits the monitor timeout (by default 1 minute), even though we already know the connection has died. The error message that is thrown is also a little imprecise, it says there could be queue contention, even though we know the real reason is that the connection was lost.


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