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Add HS2 operation logs and improve logs for REPL commands



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      This is the log format that is being proposed for Hive Repl query logs

      For bootstrap case:
      Hive will log a message for each object as it is being bootstrapped and it will be in the following sequence

      • Tables first (views are tables for this purpose) at time including partitions (depth first), followed by functions, constraints
      • The ordering is based on the ordering of listStatus API of HDFS
      • For each object, a message at the beginning of the replication will be logged
      • Every partition bootstrapped will be followed by a message saying the number of partitions bootstrapped so far (for the table) and the partition name
      • And a message at the end of bootstrap of an object

      Incremental case:

      • We will have DB Name, event id and event type will be part of the log header (for debugging/troubleshooting)
      • We will have information of current event ID and total number of events to replicate for every event replicated.


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