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Remove extra MoveTask operators from the ConditionalTask

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      When running simple insert queries (e.g. INSERT INTO TABLE ... VALUES ...) there an extraneous {{MoveTask}s is created.

      This is problematic when the scratch directory is on S3 since renames require copying the entire dataset.

      For simple queries (like the one above), there are two MoveTasks. The first one moves the output data from one file in the scratch directory to another file in the scratch directory. The second MoveTask moves the data from the scratch directory to its final table location.

      The first MoveTask should not be necessary. The goal of this JIRA it to remove it. This should help improve performance when running on S3.

      It seems that the first Move might be caused by a dependency resolution problem in the optimizer, where a dependent task doesn't get properly removed when the task it depends on is filtered by a condition resolver.

      A dummy MoveTask is added in the GenMapRedUtils.createMRWorkForMergingFiles method. This method creates a conditional task which launches a job to merge tasks at the end of the file. At the end of the conditional job there is a MoveTask.

      Even though Hive decides that the conditional merge job is no needed, it seems the MoveTask is still added to the plan.

      Seems this extra MoveTask may have been added intentionally. Not sure why yet. The ConditionalResolverMergeFiles says that one of three tasks will be returned: move task only, merge task only, merge task followed by a move task.


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