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RowResolver of Semijoin not updated in CalcitePlanner



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0, 2.1.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.0
    • Component/s: None
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      When we generate a Calcite plan, we might need to cast the column referenced by equality conditions in a Semijoin because Hive works with a more relaxed data type system.

      To cast these columns, we introduce a project operators over the Semijoin inputs. However, these columns were not included in the RowResolver of the Semijoin operator (I guess because they couldn't be referenced beyond the Semijoin). However, if above the Semijoin a Project operator with a windowing function is generated, the RR for the project is taken from the operator below, resulting in a mismatch.

      The following query can be used to reproduce the problem (with CBO on):

      CREATE TABLE table_1 (int_col_1 INT, decimal3003_col_2 DECIMAL(30, 3), timestamp_col_3 TIMESTAMP, decimal0101_col_4 DECIMAL(1, 1), double_col_5 DOUBLE, boolean_col_6 BOOLEAN, timestamp_col_7 TIMESTAMP, varchar0098_col_8 VARCHAR(98), int_col_9 INT, timestamp_col_10 TIMESTAMP, decimal0903_col_11 DECIMAL(9, 3), int_col_12 INT, bigint_col_13 BIGINT, boolean_col_14 BOOLEAN, char0254_col_15 CHAR(254), boolean_col_16 BOOLEAN, smallint_col_17 SMALLINT, float_col_18 FLOAT, decimal2608_col_19 DECIMAL(26, 8), varchar0216_col_20 VARCHAR(216), string_col_21 STRING, timestamp_col_22 TIMESTAMP, double_col_23 DOUBLE, smallint_col_24 SMALLINT, float_col_25 FLOAT, decimal2016_col_26 DECIMAL(20, 16), string_col_27 STRING, decimal0202_col_28 DECIMAL(2, 2), boolean_col_29 BOOLEAN, decimal2020_col_30 DECIMAL(20, 20), float_col_31 FLOAT, boolean_col_32 BOOLEAN, varchar0148_col_33 VARCHAR(148), decimal2121_col_34 DECIMAL(21, 21), timestamp_col_35 TIMESTAMP, float_col_36 FLOAT, float_col_37 FLOAT, string_col_38 STRING, decimal3420_col_39 DECIMAL(34, 20), smallint_col_40 SMALLINT, decimal1408_col_41 DECIMAL(14, 8), string_col_42 STRING, decimal0902_col_43 DECIMAL(9, 2), varchar0204_col_44 VARCHAR(204), float_col_45 FLOAT, tinyint_col_46 TINYINT, double_col_47 DOUBLE, timestamp_col_48 TIMESTAMP, double_col_49 DOUBLE, timestamp_col_50 TIMESTAMP, decimal0704_col_51 DECIMAL(7, 4), int_col_52 INT, double_col_53 DOUBLE, int_col_54 INT, timestamp_col_55 TIMESTAMP, decimal0505_col_56 DECIMAL(5, 5), char0155_col_57 CHAR(155), double_col_58 DOUBLE, timestamp_col_59 TIMESTAMP, double_col_60 DOUBLE, float_col_61 FLOAT, char0249_col_62 CHAR(249), float_col_63 FLOAT, smallint_col_64 SMALLINT, decimal1309_col_65 DECIMAL(13, 9), timestamp_col_66 TIMESTAMP, boolean_col_67 BOOLEAN, tinyint_col_68 TINYINT, tinyint_col_69 TINYINT, double_col_70 DOUBLE, bigint_col_71 BIGINT, boolean_col_72 BOOLEAN, float_col_73 FLOAT, char0222_col_74 CHAR(222), boolean_col_75 BOOLEAN, string_col_76 STRING, decimal2612_col_77 DECIMAL(26, 12), bigint_col_78 BIGINT, char0128_col_79 CHAR(128), tinyint_col_80 TINYINT, boolean_col_81 BOOLEAN, int_col_82 INT, boolean_col_83 BOOLEAN, decimal2622_col_84 DECIMAL(26, 22), boolean_col_85 BOOLEAN, boolean_col_86 BOOLEAN, decimal0907_col_87 DECIMAL(9, 7))
      STORED AS orc;
      CREATE TABLE table_18 (float_col_1 FLOAT, double_col_2 DOUBLE, decimal2518_col_3 DECIMAL(25, 18), boolean_col_4 BOOLEAN, bigint_col_5 BIGINT, boolean_col_6 BOOLEAN, boolean_col_7 BOOLEAN, char0035_col_8 CHAR(35), decimal2709_col_9 DECIMAL(27, 9), timestamp_col_10 TIMESTAMP, bigint_col_11 BIGINT, decimal3604_col_12 DECIMAL(36, 4), string_col_13 STRING, timestamp_col_14 TIMESTAMP, timestamp_col_15 TIMESTAMP, decimal1911_col_16 DECIMAL(19, 11), boolean_col_17 BOOLEAN, tinyint_col_18 TINYINT, timestamp_col_19 TIMESTAMP, timestamp_col_20 TIMESTAMP, tinyint_col_21 TINYINT, float_col_22 FLOAT, timestamp_col_23 TIMESTAMP)
      STORED AS orc;
            LEAD(COALESCE(-973, -684, 515)) OVER (
              PARTITION BY (t2.tinyint_col_21 + t1.smallint_col_24)
              ORDER BY (t2.tinyint_col_21 + t1.smallint_col_24),
              FLOOR(t1.double_col_60) DESC),
            524) AS int_col
      FROM table_1 t1 INNER JOIN table_18 t2
      ON (((t2.tinyint_col_18) = (t1.bigint_col_13))
          AND ((t2.decimal2709_col_9) = (t1.decimal1309_col_65)))
          AND ((t2.tinyint_col_21) = (t1.tinyint_col_46))
      WHERE (t2.tinyint_col_21) IN (
              SELECT COALESCE(-92, -994) AS int_col_3
              FROM table_1 tt1 INNER JOIN table_18 tt2
              ON (tt2.decimal1911_col_16) = (tt1.decimal1309_col_65)
              WHERE (tt1.timestamp_col_66) = (tt2.timestamp_col_19));


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