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refactor SARG stripe filtering for ORC into a separate method



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      For footer cache PPD to metastore, we'd need a method to do the PPD. Tiny item to create it on OrcInputFormat.
      For metastore path, these methods will be called from expression proxy similar to current objectstore expr filtering; it will change to have serialized sarg and column list to come from request instead of conf; includedCols/etc. will also come from request instead of assorted java objects.
      The types and stripe stats will need to be extracted from HBase. This is a little bit of a problem, since ideally we want to be inside HBase filter/coprocessor/.... I'd need to take a look to see if this is possible... since that filter would need to either deserialize orc, or we would need to store types and stats information in some other, non-ORC manner on write. The latter is probably a better idea, although it's dangerous because there's no sync between this code and ORC itself.

      Meanwhile minimize dependencies for stripe picking to essentials (and conf which is easy to remove).


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