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Test(S)WebHdfsFileContextMainOperations failing on branch-2

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    • 2.8.0
    • 2.8.0, 3.0.0-alpha1
    • webhdfs
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      After HDFS-8180, TestWebHdfsFileContextMainOperations and TestSWebHdfsFileContextMainOperations are failing with runtime NPEs while instantiating the wrapped WebHDFSFileSystems because getDefaultPort is trying to access a conf that was never provided. In the constructor both both WebHdfs and SWebhdfs the underlying (S)WebHdfsFileSystems are instantiated in the constructor and never have a chance to have their setConf methods called:

        SWebHdfs(URI theUri, Configuration conf)
            throws IOException, URISyntaxException {
          super(theUri, new SWebHdfsFileSystem(), conf, SCHEME, false);

      The test passes on trunk because HDFS-5321 removed the call to the Configuration instance as part of getDefaultPort. HDFS-5321 was applied to branch-2 but reverted in HDFS-6632, so there's a bit of a difference in how branch-2 versus trunk handles default values (branch-2 pulls them from configs if specified, trunk just returns the hard-coded value from the constants file).

      I've fixed this behave like trunk and return just the hard-coded value, which causes the test to pass.

      There is no WebHdfsFileSystem that takes a Config, which would be another way to fix this.


        1. HDFS-8939.003.patch
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          Chris Nauroth
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          Jakob Homan
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          Jakob Homan
        4. HDFS-8939-branch-2.003.patch
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          Chris Nauroth

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