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HDFS Balancer should consider remaining storage % when checking for under-utilized machines



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      DFS balancer mistakenly identifies a node with very little storage space remaining as an "underutilized" node and tries to move large amounts of data to that particular node.

      All these block moves fail to execute successfully, as the % utilization is less relevant than the dfs remaining storage on that node.

      15/04/24 04:25:55 INFO balancer.Balancer: 0 over-utilized: []
      15/04/24 04:25:55 INFO balancer.Balancer: 1 underutilized: []
      15/04/24 04:25:55 INFO balancer.Balancer: Need to move 47.68 GB to make the cluster balanced.
      15/04/24 04:25:55 INFO balancer.Balancer: Decided to move 413.08 MB bytes from to
      15/04/24 04:25:55 INFO balancer.Balancer: Will move 413.08 MB in this iteration
      15/04/24 04:25:55 WARN balancer.Dispatcher: Failed to move blk_1078689321_1099517353638 with size=131146 from to through Got error, status message opReplaceBlock BP-942051088- received exception org.apache.hadoop.util.DiskChecker$DiskOutOfSpaceException: Out of space: The volume with the most available space (=225042432 B) is less than the block size (=268435456 B)., block move is failed

      The machine in concern is under-full when it comes to the BP utilization, but has very little free space available for blocks.

      Decommission Status : Normal
      Configured Capacity: 3826907185152 (3.48 TB)
      DFS Used: 2817262833664 (2.56 TB)
      Non DFS Used: 1000621305856 (931.90 GB)
      DFS Remaining: 9023045632 (8.40 GB)
      DFS Used%: 73.62%
      DFS Remaining%: 0.24%
      Configured Cache Capacity: 8589934592 (8 GB)
      Cache Used: 0 (0 B)
      Cache Remaining: 8589934592 (8 GB)
      Cache Used%: 0.00%
      Cache Remaining%: 100.00%
      Xceivers: 3
      Last contact: Fri Apr 24 04:28:36 PDT 2015

      The machine has 0.40 Gb of non-RAM storage available on that node, so it is futile to attempt to move any blocks to that particular machine.

      This is a similar concern when a machine loses disks, since the comparisons of utilization always compare percentages per-node. Even that scenario needs to cap data movement to that node to the "DFS Remaining %" variable.

      Trying to move any more data than that to a given node will always fail.


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