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Add sorting and pagination in the datanode tab of the NN Web UI

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      old ui supported clicking on column header to sort on that column. The new ui seems to have dropped this very useful feature.

      There are a few tables in the Namenode UI to display datanodes information, directory listings and snapshots.
      When there are many items in the tables, it is useful to have ability to sort on the different columns.


        1. browse_directory.png
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          Benoy Antony
        2. datanodes.png
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          Benoy Antony
        3. snapshots.png
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          Benoy Antony
        4. HDFS-6407.patch
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          Benoy Antony
        5. 002-datanodes.png
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          Benoy Antony
        6. 002-datanodes-sorted-capacityUsed.png
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          Benoy Antony
        7. 002-filebrowser.png
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          Benoy Antony
        8. 002-snapshots.png
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          Benoy Antony
        9. HDFS-6407-002.patch
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          Benoy Antony
        10. HDFS-6407-003.patch
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          Benoy Antony
        11. HDFS-6407.4.patch
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          Chang Li
        12. HDFS-6407.5.patch
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          Chang Li
        13. sorting table.png
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          Chang Li
        14. HDFS-6407.6.patch
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          Chang Li
        15. sorting 2.png
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          Chang Li
        16. HDFS-6407.7.patch
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          Chang Li
        17. HDFS-6407.008.patch
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          Haohui Mai
        18. HDFS-6407.009.patch
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          Haohui Mai
        19. HDFS-6407.010.patch
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          Haohui Mai
        20. HDFS-6407.011.patch
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          Chang Li

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