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Refactor DatanodeID#getName by use



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    • This change modifies DatanodeID, which is part of the client to server protocol, therefore clients must be upgraded with servers.


      DatanodeID#getName, which returns a string containing the IP:xferPort of a Datanode, is used in a variety of contexts:

      1. Putting the ID in a log message
      2. Connecting to the DN for data transfer
      3. Getting a string to use as a key (eg for comparison)
      4. Using as a hostname, eg for excludes/includes, topology files

      Same for DatanodeID#getHost, which returns just the IP part, and sometimes we use it as a key, sometimes we tack on the IPC port, etc.

      Let's have a method for each use, eg toString can be used for #1, a new method (eg getDataXferAddr) for #2, a new method (eg getKey) for #3, new method (eg getHostID) for #4, etc. Aside from the code being more clear, we can change the value for particular uses, eg we can change the format in a log message without changing the address used that clients connect to the DN, or modify the address used for data transfer without changing the other uses.


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