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More CPU efficient data structure for under-replicated/over-replicated/invalidate blocks


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.23.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.0-alpha, 0.23.7
    • Component/s: namenode
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      This patch introduces two hash data structures for storing under-replicated, over-replicated and invalidated blocks.

      1. LightWeightHashSet
      2. LightWeightLinkedSet

      Currently in all these cases we are using java.util.TreeSet which adds unnecessary overhead.

      The main bottlenecks addressed by this patch are:
      -cluster instability times, when these queues (especially under-replicated) tend to grow quite drastically,
      -initial cluster startup, when the queues are initialized, after leaving safemode,
      -block reports,
      -explicit acks for block addition and deletion

      1. The introduced structures are CPU-optimized.
      2. They shrink and expand according to current capacity.
      3. Add/contains/delete ops are performed in O(1) time (unlike current log n for TreeSet).
      4. The sets are equipped with fast access methods for polling a number of elements (get+remove), which are used for handling the queues.

      1. hashStructures.patch
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        Tomasz Nykiel
      2. hashStructures.patch-2
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        Tomasz Nykiel
      3. hashStructures.patch-3
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        Tomasz Nykiel
      4. hashStructures.patch-4
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      5. hashStructures.patch-5
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        Tomasz Nykiel
      6. hashStructures.patch-6
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        Tomasz Nykiel
      7. hashStructures.patch-7
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        Tomasz Nykiel
      8. hashStructures.patch-8
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        Tomasz Nykiel
      9. hashStructures.patch-9
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        Tomasz Nykiel


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