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Support HDFS file name globbing in libhdfs


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      This is to enhance the C API in libhdfs to support HDFS file name globbing. The proposal is to keep the new API simple and return a list of matched HDFS path names. Callers can use existing hdfsGetPathInfo() to get additional information on each of the matched path. Following code snippet shows the proposed API enhancements:

       * hdfsGlob - Get all the HDFS file names that match a glob pattern.  The
       * returned result will be sorted by the file names.  The last element in the
       * array is NULL.  The function hdfsFreeGlob() should be called to free this
       * array and its contents.
       * @param fs The configured filesystem handle.
       * @param globPattern The glob pattern to match file names against.  Note that
       * this is not a POSIX regular expression but rather a POSIX glob pattern.
       * @return Returns a dynamically-allocated array of strings; if there is no
       * match, an array with one entry that has a NULL value will be returned.  If
       * there is an error, NULL will be returned.
      char ** hdfsGlob(hdfsFS fs, const char *globPattern);
       * hdfsFreeGlob - Free up the array returned by hdfsGlob().
       * @param globResult The array of dynamically-allocated strings returned by
       * hdfsGlob().
      void hdfsFreeGlob(char **globResult);

      Please comment on the above proposed API. I will start the implementation and testing. However, I need a committer to work with.



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