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      The existing replication tests (TestBlocksWithNotEnoughRacks, TestPendingReplication, TestOverReplicatedBlocks, TestReplicationPolicy, TestUnderReplicatedBlocks, and TestReplication) are missing tests for rack policy violations. This jira adds the following tests which I created when generating a new patch for HDFS-15.

      • Test that blocks that have a sufficient number of total replicas, but are not replicated cross rack, get replicated cross rack when a rack becomes available.
      • Test that new blocks for an underreplicated file will get replicated cross rack.
      • Mark a block as corrupt, test that when it is re-replicated that it is still replicated across racks.
      • Reduce the replication factor of a file, making sure that the only block that is across racks is not removed when deleting replicas.
      • Test that when a block is replicated because a replica is lost due to host failure the the rack policy is preserved.
      • Test that when the execss replicas of a block are reduced due to a node re-joining the cluster the rack policy is not violated.
      • Test that rack policy is still respected when blocks are replicated due to node decommissioning.
      • Test that rack policy is still respected when blocks are replicated due to node decommissioning, even when the blocks are over-replicated.
      1. hdfs-1562-1.patch
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        Eli Collins
      2. hdfs-1562-2.patch
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        Eli Collins
      3. hdfs-1562-3.patch
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        Eli Collins
      4. hdfs-1562-4.patch
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        Eli Collins
      5. hdfs-1562-5.patch
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        Eli Collins

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