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fs.Path stores file path in java.net.URI causes big memory waste

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    • 2.7.6
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    • Hive 2.1.1 and hadoop 2.7.6


      I was looking at HiveServer2 memory usage, and a big percentage of this was because of org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path, where you store file paths in a java.net.URI object. The URI implementation stores the same string in 3 different objects (see the attached image). In Hive when there are many partitions this cause a big memory usage. In my particular case 42% of memory was used by java.net.URI so it could be reduced to 14%. 

      I wonder if the community is open to replace it with a more memory efficient implementation and what other things should be considered here? It can be a huge memory improvement for Hadoop and for Hive as well.


        1. HDFS-13752.001.patch
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          Barnabas Maidics
        2. HDFS-13752.002.patch
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          Barnabas Maidics
        3. HDFS-13752.003.patch
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          Barnabas Maidics
        4. HDFSbenchmark.pdf
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          Barnabas Maidics
        5. heapdump-100000partitions.html
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          Misha Dmitriev
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          Barnabas Maidics
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          Barnabas Maidics


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