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NameNodeRpcServer getEditsFromTxid assumes it is run on active NameNode



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      NameNodeRpcServer#getEditsFromTxid currently decides which transactions are able to be served, i.e. which transactions are durable, using the following logic:

          long syncTxid = log.getSyncTxId();
          // If we haven't synced anything yet, we can only read finalized
          // segments since we can't reliably determine which txns in in-progress
          // segments have actually been committed (e.g. written to a quorum of JNs).
          // If we have synced txns, we can definitely read up to syncTxid since
          // syncTxid is only updated after a transaction is committed to all
          // journals. (In-progress segments written by old writers are already
          // discarded for us, so if we read any in-progress segments they are
          // guaranteed to have been written by this NameNode.)
          boolean readInProgress = syncTxid > 0;

      This assumes that the NameNode serving this request is the current writer/active NameNode, which may not be true in the ObserverNode situation. Since selectInputStreams now has a onlyDurableTxns flag, which, if enabled, will only return durable/committed transactions, we can instead leverage this to provide the same functionality. We should utilize this to avoid consistency issues when serving this request from the ObserverNode.




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