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HDFS group quota

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    • 2.8.3, 2.7.5, 3.0.0
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      We have groups of people that have their own set of HDFS directories.
      For example, they have HDFS staging place for new files:
      but at the same time they have Hive warehouse directory
      on top of that they also have some files stored under /user/${username}/

      It's always been a challenge to maintain a combined quota on all HDFS locations a particular group of people owns. As we're currently forced to put a particular quota for each directory independently.

      It would be great if HDFS would have a quota tied either

      • to a set of HDFS locations ;
      • or to a group of people (where `group`is defined as which HDFS group a particular file/directory belongs to).

      Linux allows to define quotas at group level, i.e. `edquota -g devel` etc.. would be great to have the same at HDFS level.

      Other thoughts and ideas?



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