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Mismatch between BlockManager#maxReplicationStreams and ErasureCodingWorker.stripedReconstructionPool pool size causes slow and bursty recovery



      ErasureCodingWorker#stripedReconstructionPool is with corePoolSize=2 and maxPoolSize=8 as default. And it rejects more tasks if the queue is full.

      When BlockManager#maxReplicationStream is larger than ErasureCodingWorker#stripedReconstructionPool#corePoolSize/maxPoolSize, for example, maxReplicationStream=20 and corePoolSize=2 , maxPoolSize=8. Meanwhile, NN sends up to maxTransfer reconstruction tasks to DN for each heartbeat, and it is calculated in FSNamesystem:

      final int maxTransfer = blockManager.getMaxReplicationStreams() - xmitsInProgress;

      However, at any giving time, {ErasureCodingWorker#stripedReconstructionPool takes 2 xmitInProcess. So for each heartbeat in 3s, NN will send about 20-2 = 18 reconstruction tasks to the DN, and DN throw away most of them if there were 8 tasks in the queue already. So NN needs to take longer to re-consider these blocks were under-replicated to schedule new tasks.


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