The "Singularity", because you will have to start and stop your cluster bringing it up on 0.96.0. 0.96.0 requires Hadoop 1.0.0 at least. It will be supported on Hadoop 2.0.0 too. 0.96.0 is all protobufs all the time; all of its serializations to zookeeper, to the filesystem, and over rpc are protobufs. It runs on jdk7. Metrics have been edited and converted to use Hadoop Metrics2. Has HBase Snapshots and PrefixTreeCompression, etc

  • Due:19/Oct/13

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New Feature HBASE-6449 Dapper like tracing
Bug HBASE-9435 Fix jersey serialization/deserialization of json objects
Bug HBASE-9310 Remove slop for Stochastic load balancer

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