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HFileArchiver.resolveAndArchive() race condition may lead to snapshot data loss



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: hbase-6055, 0.95.2
    • Fix Version/s: 0.94.5, 0.95.0
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      • The master have an hfile cleaner thread (that is responsible for cleaning the /hbase/.archive dir)
        • /hbase/.archive/table/region/family/hfile
        • if the family/region/family directory is empty the cleaner removes it
      • The master can archive files (from another thread, e.g. DeleteTableHandler)
      • The region can archive files (from another server/process, e.g. compaction)

      The simplified file archiving code looks like this:

      HFileArchiver.resolveAndArchive(...) {
        // ensure that the archive dir exists
        // move the file to the archiver
        success = fs.rename(originalPath/fileName, archiveDir/fileName)
        // if the rename is failed, delete the file without archiving
        if (!success) fs.delete(originalPath/fileName);

      Since there's no synchronization between HFileArchiver.resolveAndArchive() and the cleaner run (different process, thread, ...) you can end up in the situation where you are moving something in a directory that doesn't exists.

      // HFileCleaner chore starts at this point
      // and the archiveDirectory that we just ensured to be present gets removed.
      // The rename at this point will fail since the parent directory is missing.
      success = fs.rename(originalPath/fileName, archiveDir/fileName)

      The bad thing of deleting the file without archiving is that if you've a snapshot that relies on the file to be present, or you've a clone table that relies on that file is that you're losing data.

      Possible solutions

      • Create a ZooKeeper lock, to notify the master ("Hey I'm archiving something, wait a bit")
      • Add a RS -> Master call to let the master removes files and avoid this kind of situations
      • Avoid to remove empty directories from the archive if the table exists or is not disabled
      • Add a try catch around the fs.rename

      The last one, the easiest one, looks like:

      for (int i = 0; i < retries; ++i) {
        // ensure archive directory to be present
        // ----> possible race <-----
        // try to archive file
        success = fs.rename(originalPath/fileName, archiveDir/fileName);
        if (success) break;


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