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[hbase] Refactor classes into Client, Master, and Regionserver packages


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      I've been crawling around the HBase codebase for a little while now, and I think I have a proposal that would make it easer to find your way around in the codebase in general.

      I think that we should make three new packages below org.apache.hadoop.hbase, client, master, and regionserver. The client package would contain HTable, client-side scanning stuff, HBaseAdmin, the MapReduce-related stuff, the shell, REST and Thrift. The master package would contain HMaster, maybe Leases, any other classes that belong to master. The regionserver package would contain HRegionServer, HRegion, HStore and all its subclasses (HStoreFile, etc). Whatever is left over should be stuff that's pretty common to all the sub-packages, so we can either leave that in the hbase package, or push it down into a common subpackage.

      This would make it much easier for new contributors to decide where to look for stuff, as well as make it more obvious what the architectural divisions of the system are. To boot, it would allow us to reorganize our tests into similar subpackages, which has the advantage of allowing us to think about, for instance, client tests passing/failing as a group, rather than scattered alphabetically throughout the entire suite.

      This idea would probably erase HADOOP-2518, or at least change the goal to factor HStore down into o.a.h.h.regionserver.store.

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