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Split operation without split key incorrectly finds the middle key in off-by-one error



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      I took a deeper look into issues I was having using region splitting when specifying a region (but not a key for splitting).

      The midkey calculation is off by one and when there are 2 rows, will pick the 0th one. This causes the firstkey to be the same as midkey and the split will fail. Removing the -1 causes it work correctly, as per the test I've added.

      Looking into the code here is what goes on:

      1. Split takes the largest storefile
      2. It puts all the keys into a 2-dimensional array called blockKeys[][]. Key i resides as blockKeys[i]
      3. Getting the middle root-level index should yield the key in the middle of the storefile
      4. In step 3, we see that there is a possible erroneous (-1) to adjust for the 0-offset indexing.
      5. In a result with where there are only 2 blockKeys, this yields the 0th block key.
      6. Unfortunately, this is the same block key that 'firstKey' will be.
      7. This yields the result in HStore.java:1873 ("cannot split because midkey is the same as first or last row")
      8. Removing the -1 solves the problem (in this case).


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