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      hbase shell with snapshot commands
      • snapshot <snapshot name> <table name>
        • Take a snapshot of the specified name with the specified name
      • restore_snapshot <snapshot name>
        • Restore specified snapshot on the original table
      • clone_snapshot <snapshot name> <table name>
        • Create a new table based on the snapshot content
      • list_snapshots [filter]
        • Show the list of snapshots taken
      • delete_snapshot <snapshot name>
        • Remove a specified snapshot
      • rename_snapshot <snapshot name> <new snapshot name>
        • Rename a snapshot to a new name
      Restore Table

      Given a "snapshot name" restore override the original table with the snapshot content.
      Before restoring a new snapshot of the table is taken, just to avoid bad situations.
      This allows a full and quick rollback to a previous snapshot.

      Clone from Snapshot

      Given a "snapshot name" a new table is created with the content of the specified snapshot.

      This operation allows:

      • To have an old version of the table in parallel with the current one.
        • Look at snapshot side-by-side with the "current" before making the decision whether to roll back or not
      • To Add/Remove data from this table without affecting the original one or the snapshot.
      • To Restore only "individual items" (only some small range of data was lost from "current")
        • MR job that scan the cloned table and update the data in the original one. (Partial restore of the data)
      Open points
      • Add snapshot type option on take snapshot command (global, timestamp)?


        1. HBASE-6353-v0.patch
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          Matteo Bertozzi
        2. HBASE-6353-v1.patch
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          Matteo Bertozzi
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          Matteo Bertozzi
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          Matteo Bertozzi

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