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We need a mascot, a totem



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      We need a totem for our t-shirt that is yet to be printed. O'Reilly owns the Clyesdale. We need something else.

      We could have a fluffy little duck that quacks 'hbase!' when you squeeze it and we could order boxes of them from some off-shore sweatshop that subcontracts to a contractor who employs child labor only.....

      Or we could have an Orca (Big!, Fast!, Killer!, and in a poem that Marcy from Salesforce showed me, that was a bit too spiritual for me to be seen quoting here, it had the Orca as the 'Guardian of the Cosmic Memory': i.e. in translation, bigdata).


        1. proposal_3_logo.xcf
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          Jean-Marc Spaggiari
        2. proposal_3_logo.png
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          Jean-Marc Spaggiari
        3. proposal_2_logo.xcf
          153 kB
          Jean-Marc Spaggiari
        4. proposal_2_logo.png
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          Jean-Marc Spaggiari
        5. proposal_1_logo.xcf
          192 kB
          Jean-Marc Spaggiari
        6. proposal_1_logo.png
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          Jean-Marc Spaggiari
        7. jumping-orca_rotated_right.png
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          Jean-Marc Spaggiari
        8. jumping-orca_rotated.xcf
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          Michael Stack
        9. orca_clipart_freevector_lhs.jpeg
          12 kB
          Michael Stack
        10. orca_free_vector_sheared_rotated_rhs.png
          42 kB
          Michael Stack
        11. orca_free_vector_some_selections.png
          150 kB
          Michael Stack
        12. orca_free_vector_on_top_66percent_levelled.png
          47 kB
          Michael Stack
        13. Apache_HBase_Orca_Logo_round5.pdf
          897 kB
          Michael Stack
        14. Apache_HBase_Orca_Logo_Mean_version-4.pdf
          882 kB
          Michael Stack
        15. Apache_HBase_Orca_Logo_Mean_version-3.pdf
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          Michael Stack
        16. Apache_HBase_Orca_Logo_1.jpg
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          Michael Stack
        17. more_orcas2.png
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          Michael Stack
        18. more_orcas.png
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          Michael Stack
        19. plus_orca.png
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          Michael Stack
        20. krake.zip
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          Lars Hofhansl
        21. apache logo_Proof 8.pdf
          436 kB
          Marcy Davis
        22. apache hbase orca logo_Proof 3.pdf
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          Marcy Davis
        23. HBase Orca Logo.jpg
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          Marcy Davis
        24. photo (2).JPG
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          Michael Stack
        25. Orca_479990801.jpg
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          Michael Stack
        26. Screen shot 2011-11-30 at 4.06.17 PM.png
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          Michael Stack
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